Debra Whitman

Debra Whitman 2
Real Name
Debra Whitman
Base Of Operations
New York CIty
Marital Status

Blonde, None (As Lizard)
Unusual Features
As Lizard: Long prehensile tail; clawed hands and feet; razor-sharp teeth; green scales; four digits per hand and foot
Created by
First appearance


Debra Whitman as the most Senior Graduate Student in Biochemistry at the Empire State University (ESU) in New York until becoming a humanoid lizard.

When Dr Curtis Connors (The Lizard) went into hiding, it fell on Debra to maintain the day-to-day operations of the Biochemistry Department in his absence. A role that was taking its toll over the weeks as her own studies began to suffer for it. She didn't think much too unusual about Martha Connors' arrival one afternoon, accepting her explanation that her husband would be gone for at least another week, and by the following night she was trying to catch up with her own studies.

Her close proximity to the activated Neogenic Recombinator had the effect of an accelerated mutation from Human to Lizard-Woman (with notable iguanoid traits), realising too late what was happening to her as like Martha before her, the mental changes kept pace with the physical mutation. The transformed Debra exited the ESU to join with a growing number of humanoid lizards as they began to take over Manhattan Island.

As dawn broke, the tribalistic nature of the new hybrid species began to show, with several groups starting to fight each other until The Lizard's Psychic Call compelled them to gather in a single location (Times Square) where he addressed his new kind, to unite them in purpose before the unaffected humans could mount a counter-offensive against them.

Debra now referred to herself as Guana (based on the lizard species mixed with her own DNA) and with her intellect resurfaced during the march from ESU to Times Square, had not only secured dominance over her own pack, but suborned a few others during said march, aligning herself with The Lizard as he detailed his plans to use the Fisk Building to amplify the effects of the Neogenic Recombinator to create more of their kind.

Powers and Abilities

Strength level

Increased Physical Strength; Enhanced Endurance; Heightened Senses


Poor Tolerance to Low Temperatures


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